Pirate Radio Essex from the LV18 at Harwich 2017

Phil Perkins and myself were determined to arrive at Harwich well before 11:00 to witness the scattering of the ashes of the late Dave Cash - A really great guy with whom we had chatted in 2004 and 2007. We met so many people and had a great day, but this part was the most memorable part of the day

Dave Cash laid to rest

Please Click Here to see or download this most touching ceremony

On the previous evening (13th), was Keith Skues' 3 hour programme live from the LV18 about The Pirates from 1964-1967

On the evening of the 14th, BBC Radio 2 aired an interesting programme about The Pirates by Johnny Walker which you can hear again

In the daytime of the 14th Steve Scruton and others broadcast a solid 6 hours of radio as it should be. This started at 9 a.m. so please note the shortened silences when Dave Cash's ashes were scattered at 11 a.m.

This was followed by a one hour programme by Ray Clark from the Ross Revenge, featuring also Radio Caroline and Manx Radio you can listen here


Harwich 2007

Harwich 2004

This was the BBC Pirate Radio Essex home for one week only from 10th - 17th April 2004

I was fortunate enough to visit Harwich on the closedown Saturday and meet both Keith Skues and Dave Cash

What a wonderful way to finish a whole week of the best radio that I have ever heard !

Keith Skues talking to one of his many fans - he did the evening 10 o'clock slot

Dave Cash - who did the morning 10 o'clock slot

And the BBC Essex gang, back on dry land


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